Monday, July 6, 2009

Photo Shoot 4, July 2009

On July 2, just last Thursday, I shot Sarah's parents' surprise retirement party at the Radisson Hotel. It was challenging because it was all indoors! I tried to treat it like a wedding reception -- close-ups of the cakes, food, drinks, and of course, a shot of each and every guest. But the "money" shots were different for this party; they were comprised of the reactions and emotions of Sarah's parents and their friends and family. I had a great time and I learned a lot!!

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Photo Shoot 3, May 2009

It was originally my intention to post at least once a month. But being a full-time teacher, I had a busy May and June. Plus, I have been a little frustrated with the limitations of a blog. I want to post big, beautiful pictures, but how? 

In May, I did a photo shoot with Lindsay's boys. I think I got some good shots but wasn't yet familiar enough with my camera. I actually had no idea that it is capable of shooting 6.5 frames per second! I should've had it on that setting because I learned that the shot disappears quickly. 

We also had a graduation party for mom and Alex where I had a good opportunity to shoot some more. Matteo is, of course, always a worthy subject, and I found another cutie, Lucia, who was playing in the pool with her dad, Luca. I didn't realize how much I would love shooting children.
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