Monday, May 9, 2011

Behind the Scenes 4: Adobe Lightroom

          Finally, I have Lightroom 3, the latest software in professional digital photography! I was using Photoshop Elements for a long time--then they sent me a promotion in the mail to buy Lightroom for only $99 (it's usually $299). What a buy! I have been incredibly busy with schoolwork lately, but my good friend Vivien asked me if I would photograph her 11th grade students for their poetry books. Over the weekend I loaded Friday's shoot into Lightroom and was surprised at how intuitive it really is. I love the "punch" feature and of course the vignetting, a style lots of photographers use for portraits.

          Friday's shoot was exhausting but a lot of fun. I only photographed 37 students and still was exhausted! (This one was one of my favorites... it makes me want to shoot seniors!) I'm going back this Friday to shoot more. So at least, behind the scenes, I'm pushing on! (click once to enlarge)

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