Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Behind the Scenes 6: Retouching

The last few days I've been finishing up the students at my friend's school -- I love it because I've been able to get some practice shooting different skin colors, face shapes, and body types, as well as smoothing skin surfaces. Here are a couple before & afters I think turned out pretty good. (Photoshop + Lightroom software). (Click once to enlarge)


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  1. I love the before/after examples of the retouching you've done. Any chance you can make the two photos be one so that when you click on it, you can see them larger but together still, to notice the differences? I really like that you got to practice shooting people who are not white! This helps to diversify your experience and range. I love the idea of you expanding your services to senior portraits. You're affordable and you would produce very satisfied young customers, I'm sure. Talk about word of mouth advertising, too!