Friday, October 21, 2011

Photo Shoot 13: August 2011

Amanda's Wedding

     My dear friend Amanda got married in Salamanca, Spain in August. It was such a beautiful wedding! Of course they had their own photographer because I was invited as a guest . . . but you know me. I couldn't not bring my camera. So I snapped photos whenever I could -- as she was getting ready, as the wedding was being set up, as Diego & Amanda hugged and kissed wedding guests afterward. Here are some of my favorites. (Even though this wasn't an official "shoot," I still think it's worth posting, since it was on-location!)

Castillo de Buen Amor, near Salamanca, Spain
What I learned: 
*It's impossible to be a wedding guest and photographer at the same time. I would have liked to just be the photographer, honestly (even though I did have fun as a guest!).
*Emotion tends to surface at weddings. Be there to capture it.
*Sometimes casual moments make the best photos. Some of my favorites are of the most casual moments, like this series where Amanda is preparing to put on the veil. I can't even remember what she was talking about in the moment. But her personality comes through so wonderfully; her expressions convey an innocence and beauty I had never before seen in her.

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In and around the castle . . .
Some outside shots of the castle. . .  fun!!

(That's my mom in the pool.)

The courtyard & balcony from the ground floor

The second floor balcony, looking out toward the courtyard.

A secret stairway leads to another hotel room

A perfectly placed table decoration

A salon inside, complete with abundant antiques
The "cocktail hour" the night before the wedding

The wedding day . . .

Ah, yes . . . the hair!


The make up . . . the jewelry . . .

The program and favor . . .  a little fan wrapped in Spain's colors with a red carnation

. . . and the lovely bride and groom, Amanda & Diego!

Amanda's mom

Amanda's dad

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  1. I love the series of Amanda and her veil the most, although then I see that shot of the hair and gasp at its amazingness. Bravo, Ash! I really think Amanda will love these as compliments to her other photographer's work. And I bet you got shots that they didn't--you had a different perspective, after all, more personal and with a taste for class.