Saturday, October 22, 2011

Photo Shoot 14: September 2011

          My husband's friend Christina & her husband John hired me to do their maternity pics about three weeks ago. I was honored because this is such an important, special time in their lives . . . it was so neat to be a part. Just being with the two (three!) of them for one afternoon made me see how excited and happy they are to be anticipating their first child -- a new baby girl.

          The shoot itself was a challenge for me because I had only done one maternity shoot prior to this. I did some research and read about what made other photographers successful; it pushed me outside my typical comfort zone and I thought the shoot turned out great! We not only did the more intimate boudoir-type photos, but also went outdoors to the bay side of Long Beach as well as the beach itself. I also had some more fun with Adobe Lightroom -- I'm constantly discovering new techniques to make a photo really pop! I think the program adds a new dimension to my work. I'm not quite used to the new look yet but it's what's popular right now and that sells! (Scroll down to read another testimonial!)

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Client testimonial:

      WOW Ashley!!!!!  Absolutely sooo beautiful!!!  You had me in tears the minute I opened up your album and saw that picture of me.... THANK YOU!!!! You captivated all I could ask for and for that I am grateful!!  After the baby is born we will set something up with you =)  Again thank you.... I will treasure these pictures forever!! 
The Pearces

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  1. Not a huge fan of maternity shoots (as you know), but these are really tasteful and show the couples' personalities really well. I love the one by the window, and the first one too, with the heart hands.